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Procrastination is just like a pitfall that many of us have to experience to it, particularly. There might be several reasons for procrastination. First, let’s try to understand what is procrastination exactly. By setting the example –

“Suppose you have planned for a week what would be the schedule for you for the next seven days? You might start work quickly with that peculiar plan, but certainly, you get lost in your entire focus. By involving yourself in something else, suffering the internet or checking the notifications on Facebook, Instagram for that reason your deadline for your intended goal got affected, and you couldn’t able to meet it.”

With this simple example, I think it is sufficient to make you clear what it is. For whatever reason, you could not achieve the target; you have set for yourself for a specific time duration to accomplish. It could be anything; lack of confidence, lack of focus, lesser willpower, or determination;

Negative effects of procrastination  

Procrastination – Common cause of failure

One of the primary reasons for failure is procrastination. Because often we are waiting for the ideal moment to start doing anything useful, the majority of us live life as failures. Don’t postpone since the time will never be perfect. Just start whatever condition you are in and whatever apparatus you have in your hands.

Affected by the habit of exploding opportunities

We all have perhaps experienced often in our life by analysis of our past how many opportunities we skipped from us because of procrastination. Sometimes we aren’t even able to understand what would be a consequence of it for us. How it gets affected our future since most opportunities only come up once in life, and you never get a golden chance ever again.

It is the nature of the cosmos that we all receive different kinds of opportunities at different times. We frequently listen to many different people’s stories; when people share their experiences or just remark in interviews that they were given a chance to change their lives, but handled it recklessly due to ignorance. As a result, they had to deal with the consequences for a very long period.

Opportunities are the process to promote more fortune and happiness in life, so capture them profoundly whenever it comes your way.

Lack of decision a major reason for procrastination

Several analysis reports come with the outcome of over 25,000 people including men and women who had experienced failure revealing the bottom line that lack of knowledge of taking the right decisions is the major cause of procrastination.

Contrapositive decision has a handful of adverse effects on everyone in their life. An analysis of several thousand people who have acquired fortunes by earning millions of dollars has revealed one of the primary factors contributing to success is the practice of making decisions quickly and the tendency to change those decisions gradually.

Inability to use time effectively

Good time management is an excellent skill whereas the inability to utilize time is a huge stepping stone in our life. It has several drawbacks to your job and education. As we all know time does not return if it passes away and you might experience shame for wasting time several times. The quality of your work will change if you manage your time effectively.

Inadequate mind management skill

Lack of experience in managing time adequately is also one of the main causes of procrastination. The majority of unsuccessful people are typically easily manipulated by the “viewpoints” of others. You won’t be successful in any course of action if you let other people’s opinions affect your decision-making.    

Don’t need to consider the opinion of others all the time, make your choices clear and add only those people into your mastermind group who are capable of take clear decisions and have sufficient knowledge of the subject.

Low self-esteem and fear of failure

According to a survey investigating 426 university students, “low self-esteem and low self-control impacted severally negative on their academic upfront.” Your confidence is being depleted by procrastination, but if you don’t start taking action, it might come naturally anyhow.

Ultimately, putting off things simply makes us feel less confident in ourselves and makes us doubt our abilities. Low self-esteem causes us to believe that we won’t be able to accomplish the job or assignment the proper way, which leads us to procrastinate.

On the other side faith and confidence works wonder to acquire success in your workplace and academic area. So have faith and boost your self-esteem by applying favorable principles in your life.

Believe in shortcuts and wait for miracles

According to research, most unsuccessful people tend to believe in shortcuts and frequently in miracles. You won’t find a miracle if you search for one. There are simply inherent rules that have always existed. Everyone who has faith and the willingness to put these laws to use can obtain them.

Procrastination – Destroying Your Career  

The consequences of procrastination may harm your career. You could not handle pressure or accomplish your monthly goals if you have the impact of procrastination. Procrastination might escape massive opportunities, and you might also be in threat of losing your work or position.

Your productivity and level of excellence are closely connected to the way, how you perform. To deal with it, always strive to perform better and consistently.

Chronic Side-effects on Mental Health

When procrastination is increasing every day, you find it hard to control this. The practice of unnecessarily delaying or postponing your tasks becomes part of your routine. If it becomes chronic to manage then it will probably start to bother you and make you anxious.

This might lead to severe problems in your mental health and contribute to long-term depression. Taking action gets increasingly difficult when your level of unstable mental health increases.

Lack of focus and concentrations

Loss of concentration is a symptom of depression, it can also become part of a negative feedback cycle in which losing focus makes depression worse. As a result, it leads to procrastination with low dedication, low-quality alertness, and weak determination.

Life will always generate amazing results in terms of success and enormous accomplishments. If one follows the three d’s principle religiously, where the first “d” stands for discipline, the second for dedication, and the third for determination. There is no other shortcut to succeeding and acquiring a fortune in life.

Lack of motivation – cause of procrastination

Many people become procrastinators because they lack the motivation to execute their work. As a result, There are a number of extremely harmful effects, including pupils’ performance in school or college, professionals giving poor work accomplishments, businesses missed opportunities, and many more severely detrimental repercussions.


  • Set some challenging goals.
  • Don’t wish for easier things in spite of that always wish for better.
  • Don’t wish for fewer problems always wish to learn more skills.
  • Set some goals that will make you stretch and become more than you ever thought you could become not only professional goals, set some personal goals.
  • Setting goals and how they help you achieve them is one of the main reasons to do so.
  • Set the kind of goals that will make something of you to achieve them.
  • Create goals that will motivate you, goals that will aid in your personal development and help you improve.



In this post, we have discussed 11 Reasons for procrastination and also find out some solutions to them. I hope this post would be helpful to you to get rid of procrastination in your life and utilizing your time more optimistically. To know more about related topics keep in touch with us at | mindmappingpower.com |

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